Reading, Writing, Arithmetic #6

I was impulsively going to apologise for laying it thick on the screenwriting coverage this week – but that soon passed. I guess if that is not your things you will move right along. I appreciate how easy it is to click open a webpage as much as it is to close it again, but I still implore you to have a look around at some of the great material I have seen over the last week or so. I’m sure there is something for almost everyone here, be it potential changes with AMPAS, classic TV finales, sad movie scenes, or a selection of feminist films.

The Big O: 12 Must-See Feminist Films

Saluted by the Oscars, by Susan Wloszczyna (Women and Hollywood)

Go Back to Five
Academy “Considers” What it has Wanted to Do All Along, by Sasha Stone (Awards Daily)

10 Screenwriting Sites
Every Screenwriter Should Bookmark (Screenwriting Staffing) 

The Screenwriter’s Backpack

Foraging The Digital Forest For Screenwriting Tips, Tricks, And Talk (Jo Hannah Afton)

Of  A Working Los Angeles Screenwriter, by Jim Vines (The Working Screenwriter)

Helping To Get Scripts Out Of Development And Ready For Production (Bob Saenz)

Watch Nifty ‘Gone Girl’  Video

Examines David Fincher’s Subtle Repetition Of Framing And Blocking, by Oktay Ege Kozak (The Playlist)

Classic Series Finales
Water Cooler Podcast Episode 12 (Awards Daily TV)

The 30 Saddest Scenes in Recent Movie History

Watch A Supercut by Invenire Films, posted by Max Winter (Press Play)

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