Film Honors: 1960

My own personal choices for the year. They reflect not just necessarily what I think is the best or essential cinema, but perhaps resonate with me or inspire, both at the time, and still today. Subject to alter choices if new viewings are worthy enough. Other published Film Honors posts can be found at the menu at the top of the page.

Score Composing

Elmer Bernstein (The Magnificent Seven)
Giovanni Fusco (L’avventura)
Bernard Herrmann (Psycho)
Alex North (Spartacus)
Nino Rota (La dolce vita)

Actor Support

Jack Kruschen (The Apartment)
Fred MacMurray (The Apartment)
Annibale Ninchi (La dolce vita)
Laurence Olivier (Spartacus)
Peter Ustinov (Spartacus)

Costume Design

À bout de souffle
La ciociara
La dolce vita
The Magnificent Seven

Set Design

The Apartment
The Magnificent Seven

Actress Support

Marie Dubois (Tirez sur le pianiste)
Janet Leigh (Psycho)
Lea Massari (L’avventura)
Marie-José Nat (La Vérité)
Rachel Roberts (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning)

Screenwriting Original

Michelangelo Antonioni, Elio Bartolini, Tonino Guerra (L’avventura)
Henri-Georges Clouzot, Véra Clouzot, Simone Drieu, Jérôme Géronimi, Michèle Perrein, Christiane Rochefort (La vérité)
Federico Fellini, Ennio Flaiano, Tullio Pinelli, Brunello Rondi (La dolce vita)
Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, Claude Chabrol (À bout de souffle)
Billy Wilder, I.A.L. Diamond (The Apartment)


Screenwriting Adapted

Richard Brooks (Elmer Gantry)
Georges Franju, Jean Redon, Pierre Boileau, Thomas Narcejac, Claude Sautet (Les yeux sans visage)
Joseph Stefano (Psycho)
François Truffaut, Marcel Moussy (Tirez sur le pianiste)
Luchino Visconti, Suso Cecchi D’Amico, Pasquale Festa Campanile, Massimo Franciosa, Enrico Mediola (Rocco e i suoi fratelli)

Actor Lead

Jean‑Paul Belmondo (À bout de souffle)
Albert Finney (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning)
Jack Lemmon (The Apartment)
Marcello Mastroianni (La dolce vita)
Anthony Perkins (Psycho)

Cast Ensemble

The Apartment
La Vérité
The Magnificent Seven

Actress Lead

Brigitte Bardot (La Vérité)
Sophia Loren (La ciociara)
Shirley MacLaine (The Apartment)
Jean Seberg (À bout de souffle)
Monica Vitti (L’avventura)


Special Effects

Les yeux sans visage
The Magnificent Seven
Village of the Damned


Michelangelo Antonioni (L’avventura)
Federico Fellini (La dolce vita)
Jean-Luc Godard (À bout de souffle)
Alfred Hitchcock (Psycho)
Billy Wilder (The Apartment)


Picture Editing

À bout de souffle
La dolce vita

Sound Design

La dolce vita
The Magnificent Seven
Peeping Tom


Ernest Laszlo (Inherit the Wind)
Russell Metty (Spartacus)
John L. Russell (Psycho)
Aldo Scavarda (L’avventura)
Eugen Schufftan (Les yeux sans visage)

Motion Picture

À bout de souffle (Jean-Luc Godard) France
The Apartment (Billy Wilder) USA
L’avventura (Michelangelo Antonioni) Italy
La dolce vita (Federico Fellini) Italy / France
La Vérité (Henri-Georges Clouzot) France
Les yeux sans visage (Georges Franju) France / Italy
Peeping Tom
(Michael Powell) UK
Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock) USA
Spartacus (Stanley Kubrick) USA
Tirez sur le pianiste (François Truffaut) France

Is 1960 simply one of the greatest, influential years of cinema ever? Tough going picking from this lot. What are your choices? All comments welcome below.


8 responses to “Film Honors: 1960

  1. AH! my decade at last! I always had Breathless on my list as 1959 – not sure why. Maybe because I thought La Dolce Vita and L’Avventura on the list was weighty enough.Great year when you add Hitch, Reisz, Wilder and Kubrick. The maturity and intelligence of these films compared to an equal number produced today..well, let’s not go there. We can just say “visionary” does not apply very often, let alone striking twice ( 3 times?) in one year.

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    • One of the great years surely. I mean, I really struggled to make my choices, and the narrowing down to 10 films was tough too. Enjoyed every minutes of it though, Might do 1959 next.


  2. Probably the best year of the 1960s, and so many of these are hardened classics. Breathless was great, Psycho was great, and The Apartment was great. I love that you picked The Apartment for Best Script and Jack Lemon for Best Actor. He was one of the best characters ever portrayed on screen, and he really earned his pathos.


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